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You often feel like the dateless guest at a wedding or the party crasher one mini-quiche away from being tossed out,.
an absurd scenario, at best fit for a discussion by a Red Bull fueled group of nerdy second year law school corporate law junkies, who find themselves dateless (big surprise) on yet another Saturday night.
Auld Lang Syne + anxieties) apprehensions of the coming New Year; or, the fear of being dateless and alone on New Year's Eve.
Mamma Mia star Amanda Seyfried was dateless for the evening after her boyfriend Dominic Cooper got stranded in Britain.
But thankfully, he'd sat down for most of the night and let me grind on my two best girlfriends who'd come dateless and kept shouting and raising glasses of sparkling cider into the air whenever the Buju Banton song, "Walk Like a Champion," came on.
Langley] wanted to fix American life finally in one edition, what he called Collyer's eternally current dateless newspaper, the only newspaper anyone would ever need.
5 billion by the time the last, dateless nerd buys his 10th "Avatar" ticket on the night of Dec.
Nor does it matter that both went through high school dateless, she on the snooty East side and he over on the dusty, dangerous West.
Wine guru Oz Clarke blamed Bridget Jones for making chardonnay look like the drink of choice for the desperate and dateless, but there must be more to it than that.
Meanwhile, birthday-boy Mark decides he doesn't want to be dateless at his own party, and goes in search of a girlfriend.
expounding on the misery and inferior feeling of being dateless this weekend" (58).
His travelogue, My Dateless Diary, reflects this sojourn.