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<B Clockwise from main picture, a London 2012 Olympics footballing 50p coin; a Mary Rose PS2 coin; a Guy Fawkes PS2 coin; a dateless 20p coin; and a 1983 "New Pence" 2p coin
We won't know when she died or what year she was born or any of the dateless minutes in between.
Also on the auction block are several dateless packages, including items like a fur coat, airline miles, a destination adventure like New Orleans, or a Sonoma Wine Tour.
The guy with the waxed moustache surely can't have been too surprised when he went home dateless.
Each week, Gok will be passing on his style tips and seduction skills to the dateless and desperate (yes, this is the same Gok Wan who posts photos of his dog on Twitter).
How many friends and acquaintances "hid in death's dateless night" do I meet again in your pages!' He died in May, 1961, aged eighty-seven.
It is now said that the 'Baby' singer would be seated next to the dateless Taylor Swift.
"I'm dateless," she told him, when they ended up side by side, paging through the jukebox.
But for the work of a suburban England native whose recording took him to Berlin, Philadelphia and Ibiza, then ultimately to Paris to work with his dream producer, Zdar, the album packs years worth of baggage, pressure-pressed into rich, dateless production that trend-concerned critics like that second assistant grossly underestimate.
though I know that all the innocent dead find their resurrection in us [...]; imaging the dateless horror of the death-camp, the lexicon of human villainy made plain, I curse without ceasing into the sweet empty air and feel my loathing for mankind grow as vast as the sea.
And yeah, a guy who was once a dateless 14-year-old a long time ago calls up Crowded House's "Something So Strong" and remembers ...
And this precondition leaves little doubt where Melville is headed in the poem, which concludes invoking the origin of human self-consciousness: Craftsmen, in dateless quarries dim, Stones formless into form did trim, Usurped on Nature's self with Art, And bade this dumb I AM to start, Imposing him.