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lt;B Clockwise from main picture, a London 2012 Olympics footballing 50p coin; a Mary Rose PS2 coin; a Guy Fawkes PS2 coin; a dateless 20p coin; and a 1983 "New Pence" 2p coin
How many friends and acquaintances "hid in death's dateless night" do I meet again in your pages
It is now said that the 'Baby' singer would be seated next to the dateless Taylor Swift.
But for the work of a suburban England native whose recording took him to Berlin, Philadelphia and Ibiza, then ultimately to Paris to work with his dream producer, Zdar, the album packs years worth of baggage, pressure-pressed into rich, dateless production that trend-concerned critics like that second assistant grossly underestimate.
And yeah, a guy who was once a dateless 14-year-old a long time ago calls up Crowded House's "Something So Strong" and remembers .
KAT Ellis faces every girl''s worst nightmare; the prospect of turning up to her sister''s wedding dateless, knowing her ex-boyfriend is the best man.
Elsewhere, Leanne grows fed up with Lee putting Guy Candy before their relationship and could an unlikely romance be blossoming when Darren and Nancy find themselves dateless and heading to bed together?
Elsewhere, Leanne is fed up with Lee putting Guy Candy first, and Darren and Nancy find themselves dateless and are drawn to each other.
You often feel like the dateless guest at a wedding or the party crasher one mini-quiche away from being tossed out,.
an absurd scenario, at best fit for a discussion by a Red Bull fueled group of nerdy second year law school corporate law junkies, who find themselves dateless (big surprise) on yet another Saturday night.
Auld Lang Syne + anxieties) apprehensions of the coming New Year; or, the fear of being dateless and alone on New Year's Eve.
Mamma Mia star Amanda Seyfried was dateless for the evening after her boyfriend Dominic Cooper got stranded in Britain.