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DAUGHTER. An immediate female descendant. See Son.

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Third wife Melania, 46, Donald Trump, 70, and his daughter Ivanka, 34.
Nexar also includes constraint files that map the FPGA pinout on the daughter board to the relevant NanoBoard resources, allowing easy targeting of a design for the Virtex-II Pro.
growing distant as each new plague was decreed, good daughter.
April was aware of her daughter's feelings but felt she had no choice because of the father's substance abuse and her concern about how well he would supervise the daughter.
The reasons why mothers' influence seems to matter more for daughters than for sons are unclear, but the researchers suggest that the messages (verbal and nonverbal) that mothers send to sons about sexual activity may be less clear than the ones they transmit to daughters.
Another boss's daughter is still resentful because when she chose to work for him he gave her only administrative and hospitality jobs.
Jephthah's Daughter: A Lament is a ceremony which offers an opportunity to grieve the sacrifice of Jephthah's daughter, and to ponder the meaning of her sacrifice to us today.
At Our Mother & Daughter Book Club in Chicago, Illinois, mothers and their 8-to 12-year-old daughters often read books with a girl as the main character or those written by a female author.
Ramaa committed herself to passing along her knowledge to her daughter, because she believed Siva had selected her daughter to become a dancer.
A crucial flaw in Angelica Huston's film version of Bastard was its inability to show why a woman would caress the head of the man who raped her daughter, a scenario that Allison's novel made perfectly legible.