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DAUGHTER. An immediate female descendant. See Son.

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Daughter cysts were seen as smaller cystic masses heavily hyperintense within the mother cyst (Fig 6).
Daughter cysts will eventually develop, which partly or completely fill the mother cyst (Figure 8).
However, their role is still debatable as some studies claim less morbidity, (18) while others do not recommend a laparoscopic approach for complex cysts (19) and warn that cysts larger than 8 cm in diameter have higher risk of spillage of daughter cysts and development of secondary Echinococcosis (20) Moreover, it is shown that open approach has the advantage of allowing the surgeon to explore the peritoneal cavity (7).
Dissemination of daughter cysts from the liver may occur to the lung (in up to 75% of cases), less common sites being the bone, heart, central nervous system, spleen and muscles.
Images characterized by unilocular, simple cyst with uniform anechoic content and visible cyst wall, some exhibiting a snowflake image (7 images <5 cm, 42 images ranging from 5 to 10 cm, and 26 images >10 cm) were observed in 75 patients; they were determined to be Type CE1 (7 CE1s, 42 CE1m, 26 CE1l); In 54 patients, images exhibited multivesicular or multiseptate cysts with a wheel-like appearance; others displayed unilocular cysts with daughter cysts with a honeycomb appearance.