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DAUGHTER. An immediate female descendant. See Son.

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0cm along with multiple small daughter cysts each measuring 1.
Most often, ultrasonography shows a large solitary unilocular lesion or multiple anechoic or hypoechoic, well-defined cysts with or without daughter cysts, and imaging characteristics of internal septations.
CT (Computed Tomography) study reaffirmed the US findings and demonstrated the daughter cysts with cystic spoke wheel pattern, densely calcified wall and an air fluid level in the largest cyst in the left hypochondrium (fig-1).
whether the cyst is unilocular, contains daughter cysts or is partially or completely calcified).
Intraoperative use of hypertonic saline was decided in order to exterminate any infective daughter cysts.
The identification of daughter cysts with septa hyposignal intensity on T1 and T2 sequences is pathognomonic of hydatic cystic.
Though the presence of daughter cysts on CECT is pathognomonic, in some situations the final diagnosis is possible only on exploration, as was the case with us.
Ultrasonography (US) is particularly helpful in the detection of daughter cysts internal membranes and hydatid sand.
In addition to anaphylactic reaction, there is a risk of dissemination of ecinoccocal scolexes and daughter cysts to the healthy viscera.
Initially she was treated with PAIR for liver disease but surgery was necessary due to continued high serological titres and the presence of a unilocular cyst, which was classified as a CE3 transitional cyst according to the WHO classfication, and which may have contained daughter cysts.
The cyst opened multiple daughter cysts along with pus evacuated.