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DAUGHTER. An immediate female descendant. See Son.

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The Birches' Daughterhood circle is just one of many Daughterhood circles around the country that helps children (especially women) cope with the demands of caring for their aging parents.
23) I suggest, however, we consider the depiction of her daughterhood and the omission of the details about her mother's death as intentional constructions in service of her social activist argument.
The novel opens with the shredding of a normative family and ends with the child moving past even adoptive daughterhood to stand alone.
Relational Spaces: Daughterhood, Motherhood, and Sisterhood in Dacia Maraini's Writings and Films.
7) The maternal economy of both Now, Vovager and Stella Dallas have all implicit, concomitant economy of daughterhood.
When someone gets around to doing an analysis of these images, it will, to refer this time to another genre of graphic art, have to include the ironic performance of daughterhood by Mafalda in Quino's internationally famous comic strip of the same name.
This sensory apprehension of the world gives the poems a precise authority, as in the first section of "Night Terrors," a prose poem that examines motherhood and daughterhood from multiple perspectives:
Beard's essay argues that Shua's treatment of motherhood and daughterhood as story is ah effective technique for demonstrating how the protagonist's sexuality and subjectivity are constructed by social and subjective reality, and by literary convention as well.
Focusing on texts written between the late 1970s and the 1990s, a period of literary renaissance for both African-American and Caribbean women writers, Rody observes "the striking fact that a generation of women writers just emerging into literary power should make a romance of its daughterhood to mothers, should frame a return to the massive calamities of African-American and Caribbean history within a plot of daughterly desire for a mother-of-history" (p.
Paul's understanding of sonship and daughterhood emerges from within this process of transition from call to glorification (Romans 8:30).
However, her father prefers her to have a stable salaried job, such as being a teacher, so that she can be a model woman achieving the multiple ideas of successful career, obedient daughterhood, and, eventually, motherhood and respectable wife.
The opportunity to possess subjectivity is squelched at every possible venue as slavery denies Baby Suggs friendship, motherhood, wifehood, sisterhood, and daughterhood.