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It was a long and arduous process, but he eventually triumphed over his many severe adversities, inspiring viewers with fewer and less daunting problems to get their acts together.
Do you think gyms and/or fitness clubs can be daunting to Mr and Mrs 'Average'?
While the prospect of facing a patent suit may be daunting, one way to lessen the burden is to have companies put into place a policy for destroying unnecessary documents via Document Retention Policies.
maritime jurisdiction represents a daunting challenge: more than 1,000 harbor channels with 25,000 miles of inland intracoastal and coastal waterways that serve 361 ports containing more than 3,700 passenger and cargo terminals.
Today, corporate tax departments are faced with a daunting array of responsibilities and pressures that were unheard of five years ago.
With this final rollout of e-MAR and BMV, and with storage complete and scanning available at all sites, we can commence the true final and most daunting stage of our total EMR--CPOE.
Stepping into the shoes of that future saint is a daunting task, but the new pope will have the comfort of knowing that he will take with him the prayers of the world, the protection of the great Mother of God, and the blessing of the God who has guided all his predecessors back to St.
Together they must oppose his magical machinations and come to Fairyland's defense, in this delightful chapter book of high adventure and daunting challenge.
William Dash faced a daunting challenge that he never anticipated.
She said: 'However brave you think you are, it is quite daunting.
But absent hard evidence of what went on behind closed doors, isn't it also possible the directors remained fully on course throughout a daunting decision-making process?