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Do you think gyms and/or fitness clubs can be daunting to Mr and Mrs 'Average'?
Giving evidence can be daunting for everyone but this is especially true of children and young people," said Chris Ruane, MP for Vale of Clwyd.
While the prospect of facing a patent suit may be daunting, one way to lessen the burden is to have companies put into place a policy for destroying unnecessary documents via Document Retention Policies.
Protecting this country's ports and waterways constitutes a daunting challenge due to the sheer magnitude of the task.
Staffs time is largely devoted to fulfilling the multitude of requirements that accompany the daunting tasks associated with planning, provisioning, filing, and managing audits.
The basic challenges gay parents face today may seem as daunting as ever.
With this final rollout of e-MAR and BMV, and with storage complete and scanning available at all sites, we can commence the true final and most daunting stage of our total EMR--CPOE.
Stepping into the shoes of that future saint is a daunting task, but the new pope will have the comfort of knowing that he will take with him the prayers of the world, the protection of the great Mother of God, and the blessing of the God who has guided all his predecessors back to St.
Together they must oppose his magical machinations and come to Fairyland's defense, in this delightful chapter book of high adventure and daunting challenge.
William Dash faced a daunting challenge that he never anticipated.
She said: 'However brave you think you are, it is quite daunting.