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In his dauntingly experiential novel Rayeula (1963; Eng.
It is rare for any party to win three consecutive White House terms but the former first lady, senator and secretary of state is dauntingly experienced and funded.
Thier will, insurance policies, tax records, financial accounts, final arrangement wishes, even personal letters to loved ones can often be lost or dauntingly difficult to find.
Football can be dauntingly complicated; I've been playing this game for a couple of decades and I still have trouble identifying defensive schemes, for example.
It will focus on a dauntingly vast stretch of ocean measuring 60,000 square kilometres (23,000 square miles).
And when it came to banter, he was right up there with his dauntingly witty mates Kenny Dalglish and Graeme Souness s.
At present, her busy agenda includes rethinking the museum's ticketing system (in the aftermath of the decision to abandon its colorful tin buttons); developing plans for improving visitor circulation; and, perhaps most dauntingly, considering how the narratives of the Met's current buildings can be bridged with the Marcel Breuer-designed Whitney site, which the Met takes over in 2015.
Moreno, winner of the Fleche Wallone Classic this year, launched a devastating attack on the short but dauntingly steep ascent of the Valdepenas de Jaen to clinch his second stage of the race and edge ahead in the overall standings.
The price of credit is indeed high, but it is not so dauntingly high that it should hold back investment.
1986-87, by Alberto Burri (1915-1995) bring to mind contrasting works by Dieter Roth (1930-1998) and his son Bjorn in a concurrent exhibition at Hauser & Wirth's dauntingly mammoth new outpost in Chelsea.
NEW YORK--Whether they adopt a natural, relaxed or transitional style, African-Americans' hair care needs are dauntingly complex, requiring more than general market brands can deliver.
Seen at the back of the stage, the little ballerinas, about 12 in all, are preparing for bed in a dormitory, combing their hair and being helped into their nightdresses and tucked into bed by the together-too-close-for-comfort Ringmaster (Ivan Ludlow), a dauntingly tall figure in black sequined dress and black lace tights.