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Scoring a strong economic rise requires an adequate political climate on which the private sector hinges," he said, highlighting the necessity of electing a new head of state in the nearest time possible, enhancing democracy by abiding by the constitutional due dates, dauntlessly seeking to proof Lebanon in the face of the repercussions of the regional conflicts and rallying around the military and security forces.
On the following pages we dauntlessly offer up a full-course meal of dining room selections, from soup to nuts (actually from dinnerware to rugs, but you get the picture).
In Athena, Morrow admires Aunt Corky's energy and determination, seeing her as 'a plucky swimmer dauntlessly breasting a sea of troubles'.
But by dauntlessly accelerating reforms, keeping strong will to rebuild finances and sending such a message to the world, positive effects began to appear on stock prices.
There is a need dauntlessly to announce with artistic deeds as well as others that Christ has risen from the dead in the will of the world proletariat.
Where others feared to tread he ventured dauntlessly.
Together, they dauntlessly transformed vision into reality without incident.