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La Nauze pointed out that Franklin was "not even named" in some history textbooks, though he noted with approval that the Canadian government had recently placed a memorial "at the entrance of the then unknown waters [Franklin] so dauntlessly surveyed," and that a new Arctic research ship had been named in the explorer's honour.
On the following pages we dauntlessly offer up a full-course meal of dining room selections, from soup to nuts (actually from dinnerware to rugs, but you get the picture).
''But by dauntlessly accelerating reforms, keeping strong will to rebuild finances and sending such a message to the world, positive effects began to appear on stock prices.''
There is a need dauntlessly to announce with artistic deeds as well as others that Christ has risen from the dead in the will of the world proletariat.
Where others feared to tread he ventured dauntlessly. Bands resigned to languishing in relative obscurity suddenly had a captive audience.
Bold as the lion's heart-- Dauntlessly brave-- Knightly as knightliest Bayard might crave; Sweet, with all Sydney's grace, Tender as Hampden's face, Who now shall fill the space, Void by his grave?
Together, they dauntlessly transformed vision into reality without incident.
On the home front, Bush, by dauntlessly campaigning like a partisan madman for Republicans last fall, thwarted a historical trend and practically single-handedly reshaped the political realm--at least in the short run--to his advantage.
greatest evil together, dauntlessly, to bring him back from the
As a trade union leader, feminist, and social activist, Madeline has fought dauntlessly for over 50 years for equality, fairness and dignity: equality for women, fairness for working people, and dignity for all peoples.
It's just proof that she is dauntlessly battling on, despite the news that the cancer she has been fighting for the past 20 months has recently spread from her colon and liver to her lungs.
- Yet within, Proudly, and dauntlessly, and all alone, Save that a babe lay sleeping at her breast, A woman stood.