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La Nauze pointed out that Franklin was "not even named" in some history textbooks, though he noted with approval that the Canadian government had recently placed a memorial "at the entrance of the then unknown waters [Franklin] so dauntlessly surveyed," and that a new Arctic research ship had been named in the explorer's honour.
Yet within, Proudly, and dauntlessly, and all alone, Save that a babe lay sleeping at her breast, A woman stood.
dauntlessly attacked such A American institutions as politics, education, and religion.
They will set down to copy, much in the same way some ten years earlier they had set down to master all disciplines, to dauntlessly travel through knowledge.
The COAS said that Pakistan Army is the most battle-hardened army in the world and it is primarily due to highest standard of physical fitness, professionalism and motivation of officers and men who face the challenges dauntlessly.
Scoring a strong economic rise requires an adequate political climate on which the private sector hinges," he said, highlighting the necessity of electing a new head of state in the nearest time possible, enhancing democracy by abiding by the constitutional due dates, dauntlessly seeking to proof Lebanon in the face of the repercussions of the regional conflicts and rallying around the military and security forces.
MANILA -- The Philippine National Police (PNP) presented to the media and honored Wednesday the four lady cops A1/2who dauntlessly engaged in a shootout the suspects March 30's Mall of Asia jewelry heist.
That insane Andrea,' he said, and dauntlessly continued his preparation.
No, the gospel of the Fourth Sunday of Lent is not about three discrete individuals -- one profane, one righteous, one dauntlessly loving -- as much as it is, surely, about the tug of each of these archetypes in the center of ourselves.
Surely there is an element of Bushido in Stevens's notions of honor and dignity," which allow him to be dauntlessly unemotional in the face even of his father's death?
Pakistan Army is the most battle hardened army in the world and this is primarily due to highest standard of physical fitness, professionalism and motivation of our officers and men who face the challenges dauntlessly," he said.
NNA - 16/8/2012 - Syrian envoy to Lebanon, Ali Abdul Karim Ali, on Thursday cautioned against the psychological war which the US, Europe and the Gulf are dauntlessly concocting against Syria.