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Thus, some of the desirable qualities examined in "Wizards, Beavers, and Such" include cooperation, construction, compromise, courage, dauntlessness, and many more.
When an exhibition of the reduced-scale bronzes of the Races of Mankind was shown in Paris at the Trocadero Museum in November 1933 (figure 3), the French critic Louis Vauxcelles wrote, "one does not know which to admire most, the dauntlessness of the explorer or the forceful talent of the artist." (24) His encomium to the sculptures included references to the numerous obstacles Hoffman had faced in making them: "tropic heat, the polar cold, traveling to five continents, Pacific Islands, [and] the sands of the Sahara in order to penetrate the soul of inhospitable tribes." (25) Vauxcelles's comments suggest that the sculptures could not be assessed merely in the conventional terms of artistic merit, but had to be reckoned with in terms of exploration and travel.
Showing dauntlessness he clarified that he will not let anyone to rob his mandate.
It was the dauntlessness of German junior leaders that kept them fighting World Wars despite the fall-down of command structure.
Through sheer hard work, dauntlessness and sincerity, she became the face of the country's largest political party, PPP, and by virtue of her own personal background and dedication, she became the voice of the middle class.
And besides his steadiness during those figurative storms, many would look to 2005 and cite his dauntlessness during and after a literal storm called Hurricane Katrina.
(55) And a model of youthful energy and dauntlessness, he terrifies Scout with death-defying feats of throwing open the gate to the Radley house, running up to it, and slapping the house's side.
"In addition, boldness has been historically defined with synonyms such as courage, bravery, intrepidity, dauntlessness, hardihood, and assurance.
Schimmelpenninck's definition of the contemplative sublime in terms of dauntlessness does hold out the promise of empowerment through active engagement in spiritual community.
Yet where common sense is paired with the utmost dauntlessness, as it is in Hume, it seems to me that its restriction to the psychological, its abstention from German metaphysics, is to the advantage of the English mind" (Worterbuch 2: 360; qtd from Haller 58).
Soon enough, I firmly believed that "existence precedes essence" (something else I've never quite understood) and embraced the four Ds that the critic Walter Kaufmann said defined existentialism: "dread, despair, death, and dauntlessness."
But the bodies which lie in dense masses within forty yards of the muzzles of Colonel Walton's guns are the best evidence what manner of men they were who pressed on to death with the dauntlessness of a race which has gained glory on a thousand battle-fields, and never more richly deserved it than at the foot of Marye's Heights on the 13th day of December, 1862.