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As soon as vet Tom Kirby (Peter Wingfield) suggested that tending an ostrich would be a dawdle, you knew he'd regret it.
Mile after mile they dawdle on while the inside lane remains clear as far as the eye can see, effectively reducing a three-lane motorway to a dual carriageway.
uk Apprentice Handicap, the field set off at a dawdle passing the post with a circuit to go before Josephine Bruning and Sol Rojo seized the initiative and quickly pulled 25 lengths clear.
Loe didn't dawdle in his new uniform, pitching five scoreless innings with two hits allowed to earn a victory.
It's not going to be a dawdle, but it's okay to be out of breath,"
SO, who is going to make the running - and if they dawdle who is best equipped for the sprint to the line?
I think Salisbury is a lovely track for a two-year-old and she didn't want a dawdle so we decided to make sure she got the pace she needed.
That's a key indicator on stamina and whether the race will be run at a true pace or a dawdle.
The rest of the field was content to dawdle at least 25 lengths behind the leader, and were never put into contention.
Montreux, on a wide south-facing bay, is even mild enough for visitors to dawdle through its parks.
Arizona State didn't dawdle in making him an offer in the summer that was quickly accepted.
T he popular animated series The Adventures Of Dawdle is back for a second series on Children's ITV - and to celebrate we've lined up a super family prize.