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Ty said : 'The problem with Meralco is that while it has been quick to distribute profits to shareholders by way of hefty cash dividends, and swift to jack up rates to the detriment of customers, the company tends to dawdle when it comes to repaying consumers'.
It was found that blocking the activity of that activin equivalent, called dawdle, can lengthen a fly's life span by as much as 20 percent, about 10 days.
Datsuns dwell on driveways, Daimlers dawdle down the crem, Me?
WHATEVER you do - don't dawdle on your way to the ground on Sunday.
I was making my way home to Longbridge from Bordesley Green and used to dawdle round the Bull Ring before going up Bell Street between the Fish Market and the old Market Hall to catch my bus in Navigation Street.
3 : linger 1, dawdle <Don't dally on your way home.
Instead we hang around, pooter about, daydream, dawdle, loiter and slouch like idle wasters.
His time at Newmarket was the third-best ever and if they dawdle at Ascot it won't faze him.
Jesus' public ministry has begun, but he will have only a few years to complete it, and there is no time to waste; follow him now, because you may not get another chance if you dawdle.
It was available for sale at the annual Doggie Dash and Dawdle in November.
We don't have another 50 years to dawdle around and not get it right.
You've seen for yourself how when I walk without a bra my tits sort of dawdle one pace behind the body, how my fingers, when not alert, go each their separate way; and besides, I'm a woman with a pitchfork who unstitches all your similes back to life.