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I dawdled away the morning--part of the time in the rooms downstairs, and part out of doors in the great square which is formed by the three sides of the house, and by the lofty iron railings and gates which protect it in front.
Some few who had no music in their souls, or no money in their pockets, dawdled about; and the old spectacle of the visitor-wife and the depressed unseasoned prisoner still lingered in corners, as broken cobwebs and such unsightly discomforts draggle in corners of other places.
Anyway, smarting from not being of interest to anybody but a stairlift salesman, I dawdled as I approached the smart chap manning the display for the Royal Navy Reserve in the Kingsgate Centre.
Most of Devon and Cornwall are now cut off and they must not be left to the fate of the Somerset Levels, where the authorities dawdled when urgent action and money were needed.
As the Doncaster defence dawdled on the ball, wasting the chance to clear, Wickham sneaked in to finish coolly past Neil Sullivan.
However Boro have not dawdled in dealing with the injury, and Aliadiere should be contesting a place again in early March.
And because Congress dawdled, the IRS was unable to get to early returns on time.
While associate company Pixar blazed a trail with Toy Story, Finding Nemo and The Incredibles, Disney dawdled and doodled with Treasure Planet, Chicken Little and The Wild.