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DAY BOOK, mer. law. An account book, in which merchants and others make entries of their daily transactions. This is generally a book of original entries, and as such may be given in evidence to prove the sale and delivery, of merchandise or of work done.

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Although the specific name of the poem is not mentioned in the day book entry, it is probably "The Children's Song," in which children pledge their "love and toil in the years to be" and ends:
Every year, the number of children receiving a World Book Day Book Token has increased.
His first Play In A Day book was published in 1957 and they went on to sell millions.
The free World Book Day Book Token is exceptionally popular with adults and kids alike, as it gives thousands of children the chance to have a book of their own.
GBP1 World Book Day Book Tokens are given to all primary school children, and offered to secondary schools and pre-school organisations (while stocks last).
To the Customer: This coupon can be used for a free Worst Witch Saves the Day book when presented at the checkout in participating Co-operative Food & Somerfield stores in Scotland only, where stocked.
The Geordie star features in photographer Nick Johnston's Bad Hair Day book and has proved the inspiration for ChildLine.
As part of the initiative, children are given a PS1 book token to spend on a special World Book Day book of their choice.
World Book Day initiatives which focus on encouraging children to enjoy reading include distributing more than 13 million pounds 1 World Book Day Book Tokens to school children across the country and sending out special Schools Packs to help celebrate World Book Day.
Shelley was mentioned in Domes day Book and its name is Anglian for 'terrace clearing', a combination of the ancient words from which we get shelf and lea.
And pounds 1 World Book Day book tokens are being given out to every primary school child across the country, thanks to National Book Tokens, principal sponsor of World Book Day 2007, and to participating booksellers who redeem the tokens at their own expense.
Around 100 publishers across the country have established their stalls in three day book fair.