day off

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It's important for us domestic workers to have a national day off and also during national holidays because we are also like other workers," said Maia Montenegro, deputy secretary general of United Domestic Workers of the Philippines (United), one of the growing organizations of kasambahays in the country.
Management maintains a contract term revision to designate Monday as a day off is not on the negotiating table, adding other options should be explored.
Assuming the pair can avoid suspension or injury, there is only one more potential day off between now and the conclusion of their title tussle on October 15, with no Flat meetings in Britain on Arc day, Sunday, October 2.
You need a day off because you have worked so hard and I can see your body needs a day off or mentally you need a day off.
Indian High School Grade-11 pupil Izn Khan, 16, said he was happy because the extra day off before his exams would allow him to revise and get better grades.
We'll just do as we're told because we don't deserve a day off after that first 45 minutes.
It means we have time, we can watch TV, relax and enjoy our day off, when we never could before.
He added that staffs of municipalities are not included in the day off because they are charged to deal with the effects of the rainfall; also security agencies are not included in the day off.
what if our beloved MPs took a day off, how would we ever survive?
The study revealed that workers who rated their manager as 'good' were more likely to feel bad about taking a day off than those with 'poor' managers.
A day off is a day off, although when you have got kids there is no such thing as a day off.
AROUND 1,500 schoolchildren were given a day off so teachers could enjoy drumming, table-tennis and Nintendo Wii games.