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The daybook is peppered with five-shilling donations, and, as the obituary stated, "Few know how much good he did" (The Pilot 14 March 1849).
Concerning metaphor, Paul Millar makes no overstatement when he affirms it as 'the key to Jerusalem Sonnets, Jerusalem Daybook and Autumn Testament'.
Daybook ltd, believes that every company has unique configurations and working practices and therefore requires a software system that can be tailored exactly to meet that company's profile.
This is also a main theme of her daybook. It is alive with thoughts and insights linked to the changing seasons in a garden.
In New York City, the daybook is a survivor of the AP's city news wire, which was born at a time when New York had many newspapers whose reporters routinely covered city hall, school boards, and police precincts.
Hacker, who lives part of the year in Paris and the other part in Manhattan, contends with her dual localities in "Paragraphs from a Daybook," the forty-page poem that concludes this collection.
In his daybook, he scrawled: "Perhaps we cannot prevent this world from being a world in which children are tortured.
But Hovius left behind voluminous records, correspondence, and a daybook that once ran to 10 volumes (all but one have been lost).
The effect on computers will, of course, be catastrophic, particularly to daybook planners, and the glitch will likely--no, certainly--launch nuclear missiles across the planet.
Hammond, after two books and numerous articles on the ancient sources, prefers Arrian, who depended on Ptolemy, one of Alexander's generals and later ruler of Egypt, because Ptolemy, as Hammond believes, had access to a problematic journal or daybook maintained by Alexander himself.
Part of that service was a daily daybook, alerting local media to upcoming events, information they'd be hard-pressed to generate themselves.
In the R&T section, the visitor can also browse through the GAO Daybook - the daily listing of released reports.