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"The utterances of Pakistan's Opposition leader Bilawal Bhutto is nothing but to show he is also one of the daydreamers in Pakistan when he spoke that he will take every inch of Kashmir," E Ahamed, the Member of Parliament and the IUML chief, said in a statement.
They often label them as lazy, daydreamers, uncooperative, unruly etc.
Despite having to restart their performance after Tierney "completely messed up", the teenagers were hopeful their "mash-up" rendition of Do it Like a Dude, Daydreamers and I'm Telling You, was good enough to impress the judges.
They contend that gifted behavior, such as high levels of task commitment and creativity, can be fostered in all children, even unmotivated ones, and show how to uncover the hidden potential of daydreamers, rebels, and one-track minds.
DOODLERS and daydreamers descended on Jesmond library yesterday to take part in an exciting picture drawing session.