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NestlE[umlaut] treats chocolate lovers to a choco fest with its Choco Villa at Dubai Festival CityLiving in a house of chocolate is a dream you can now experience at Choco Villa, one of Dubai Summer Surprises events that has been attracting chocolate daydreamers at Dubai Festival City since Saturday.
DOODLERS and daydreamers descended on Jesmond library yesterday to take part in an exciting picture drawing session.
In a time when children, and even house hold pets, swallow Prozac, Reiss revives a neglected diagnosis for worrywarts, wallflowers, daydreamers, pessimists, and eccentrics alike: normal.
Sunday, October 2 (two rounds, play to last four): Jenny's Jostlers v Odds & Sods, Howell's Five v Phil's Marauders, JJ's Five v Filthy Five, Dipsticks v John Die'sel B, Work's Five v Boring Boring Works, Roy's Rovers v Fife Pool Nomads, Bermuda Misfits v Daydreamers, Punch Bowl Wallies v Sunday Five.
A person who draws stars is an idealist, while those who doodle circles are daydreamers.
Most daydreamers are familiar with the euphoria that accompanies a vision.
This group of meddlers, daydreamers and the naive are, in effect, working towards the abolition of Britain in its attempts to implement their part of the creation of a 'Europe of the Regions'.
However, teachers were more likely to describe the asthmatic children as daydreamers.
WE'RE a nation of daydreamers, according to new research.