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Daydreaming while driving can be deadly - especially on a Saturday in September or May, according to a review of police data by Erie Insurance.
How can I help you today?" By which time you might be inclined to point out: "You might want to cut down on your daydreaming and answer the phone."
There are actually physical and cognitive benefits to mind wandering, or what we might more commonly refer to as daydreaming. To the onlooker, daydreaming looks like unproductive downtime.
Reading engaged your imagination in much the same way as play and daydreaming. You could see what you were reading as you read it, and you could feel the hero's fear and jubilation, and you worried for his safety as if he were your friend.
For example, in The Principles of Psychology, James (1890/1950) regarded individuals' streams of consciousness to be absorptions in fantasies and narratives, whereas Freud (1908/1959) offered a vivid example of a client's daydream that took the form of a contextually rich narrative in his essay "Creative Writers and Daydreaming." Singer (1981) referred to daydreams as "an unfolding sequence of private responses ...
Children may find daydreaming comforting since research indicates that daydreams are social, making the participant feel more socially connected and less lonely.
Anticipating a full season of hunting whitetails on your home ground can be just as satisfying as daydreaming about a moose hunt in the Yukon.
Most daydreaming is a fertile time when we hatch creative thoughts, and it should be encouraged, suggests researcher Jonathan Schooler at the University of California, Santa Barbara.
When a celebrity puts his or her home up for sale, we just spend all our time daydreaming about living in it.
But half the Brummies surveyed said they use daydreaming to help improve their performance and motivation at work.
DAYDREAMING could help beat stress and land you a better job - with two in three workers claiming it keeps their brain sharp.
London, May 13 ( ANI ): Workers in the UK spend more than 16 minutes daydreaming each day, which totals to about an entire working week wasted every year, a new research has said.