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I don't daydream as much as I used to and I am looking forward to my future, but I can't shake this lingering yearning for this made-up person.
There are some differences between the creative thinker who daydreams and an ADHD student.
The study showed the top times for a daydream are 10.
Thinking about neutral topics while mind-wandering was linked to a similarly modest drop in happiness, but daydreams about unpleasant topics coincided with a sharp drop.
To use daydreams as a source of energy and idea generation, Fires suggests cutting down on distractions like TV and other noise while doing tasks that don't require much thought, such as brushing your teeth or showering.
Even so, it's a great daydream, and perfect for racing, as well as for crosswords.
When writing on the history of guided imagery, Schoettle (1980) described many early 20th century examples of its use, starting with therapeutically working with daydreams.
In this study the relationship of expressed occupational daydreams and scores on the Self-Directed Search (SDS) were examined.
While winning the lottery is our favourite daydream, only four percent of women from Liverpool daydreams about sex
To cope with the pain of missing home, you may often resort to daydreams about your family, pet, room, friends, or your familiar routine.
Proust observed, through the character of the painter Elstir, that the only way to "cure" a daydream is to daydream more rather than less: "One must have a thorough understanding of one's daydreams if one is not to be troubled by them.