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The worst holiday entitlements are in Mexico where workers get just six days off a year.
Most of the stress-related days off were down to seven workers who are off on long-term sick.
Prior to this, they would ask for days off -- even though they weren't scheduled.
We've earned the right to have four or five days off.
I thought the labour law stated that workers should have specified regular days off.
While splitting of days off and changing the ADO is permissible under emergency circumstances, where there is an impact on service provision or patient care, it should not be a routine practice or be used as a quick fix to rostering problems.
And new figures have revealed employees in some departments are taking more than DOUBLE the national average of days off ill.
That will allow them to have an extended three days off to enjoy the National Day celebrations," he said.
The traffic of freight trucks in Bulgaria will be suspended in the afternoons of official holidays and days off, announced Bulgarian Minister of Transport Ivaylo Moskovski.
The overall study revealed that there were around two thirds of Australian workers who admitted to taking fake sick days off.
Summary: Workers are taking fewer days off sick, with a record 45 per cent having no days off ill at all in 2010, according to new research.
But surely they could be more understanding and give me three days off for my brother's funeral?