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If Linda refused to work on what should be her days off or requested back pay, Lee would hit her or intimidate her by saying things like "If you act up again, I'll beat you," or "If you don't clean it right, I'll hit you.
I don't mind if I could have a day or two days off.
Only a few players will have two days off, a few will have one day off.
According to researchers, if the rate continues, the average British worker will be taking no days off by as early as mid-2016.
But surely they could be more understanding and give me three days off for my brother's funeral?
Some companies opt to award employees a single day or days off falling between a weekend and the official holiday.
While splitting of days off and changing the ADO is permissible under emergency circumstances, where there is an impact on service provision or patient care, it should not be a routine practice or be used as a quick fix to rostering problems.
A study by the Engineering Employers Federation (EEF) and Westfield Health revealed a steady fall in sickness absence over the past three years, with the average employee taking five days off in 2010 compared with 6.
I thought the labour law stated that workers should have specified regular days off.
4 days off through sickness last year - the lowest number since 1987 - a survey by the CBI shows.
WEST Ham manager Gianfranco Zola has defended his decision to fly back to Sardinia and give his players three days off following last weekend's defeat to Stoke.