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In addition, less daytime drowsiness was observed with AMRIX compared to CIR, although such a comparison was not pre-specified in the statistical analysis plan.
This puts them at greater risk for mental confusion, stroke, heart attack, daytime drowsiness and high blood pressure.
Snoring can lead to serious respiratory and cardiovascular problems, morning tiredness and daytime drowsiness.
Other good candidates for sleep studies to confirm a diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea include patients with unexplained heart failure, nocturnal angina, or a history of heavy snoring with daytime drowsiness.
It is estimated that upwards of 18-20 million adults in the US require treatment for this disorder, which causes interrupted sleep, daytime drowsiness, diminished cognitive function and an impaired quality of life.
It is intended for use by persons suffering from occasional insomnia or sleep difficulty caused by restlessness, nervous tension, anxiety, mild to moderate mood changes, and jet lag as well as daytime drowsiness caused by occasional sleeplessness.
They have minimal next-day residual effects due to their rapid metabolism; however, daytime drowsiness still occasionally occurs.
The most frequent adverse events reported in each group were daytime drowsiness and weight gain.
Sleeping tablets are bad news; they can cause problems with dependence, daytime drowsiness and, especially in the elderly, falls.
As well as the symptoms themselves, this high prevalence of sleep disturbance can also have a knock-on effect the following day, with daytime drowsiness affecting performance at work and in children, at school(5).
Narcolepsy is an overwhelming daytime drowsiness punctuated with sudden bouts of sleep.
It's a number that doesn't surprise nutrition experts, who say that daytime drowsiness is the most common complaint they hear.