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She began to feel dazed. There was a bustle as somebody entered the room.
He began to be too dazed to think clearly and ceased very much to care what would happen to him.
Dazed by the rapid succession of blows, Martin warned them back with vile and earnest curses sobbed out and groaned in ultimate desolation and despair.
After a particularly fierce blow, he crawled to his feet, too dazed to rush.
Grose's dazed blink across to where I pointed struck me as a sovereign sign that she too at last saw, just as it carried my own eyes precipitately to the child.
Don Quixote rode completely dazed, unable with the aid of all his wits to make out what could be the meaning of these abusive names they called them, and the only conclusion he could arrive at was that there was no good to be hoped for and much evil to be feared.
The cool rushing current quickly brought him to his senses, howbeit he was still so dazed that he groped blindly for the swaying reeds to pull himself up on the bank.
He had been ebulliently active; now he was dull and spiritless--seemed to be dazed. He allowed himself to be lifted by either of the pair; but when he was alone with Lady Arabella he kept looking round him in a strange way, as though trying to escape.
What is this trifle to this handful of old first families of Shechem who can name their fathers straight back without a flaw for thousands-- straight back to a period so remote that men reared in a country where the days of two hundred years ago are called "ancient" times grow dazed and bewildered when they try to comprehend it!
The teen fronts the winter edition of Dazed magazine in a Celine by Hedi Slimane polka dot dress and pillbox hat with a net veil.
The teen fronts the winter edition of Dazed magazine, in a Celine by Hedi Slimane polka dot dress and pillbox hat with a net veil.
A DAZED woman walked out of a petrol station with stolen meat and wine.