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breathes a floating face as broken images stretch and flutter around it like the surface of perturbed water--a pair of scissors, a woman screaming, the line "You know how blind I am without them," dazedly repeated.
Many were injured as pieces of red-hot metal catapulted through the air, leaving victims screaming in pain and bleeding from head wounds as they ran dazedly across the airfield.
Strangely enough, Newcastle's climb to the Premiership heights began with a 3-1 win across Stanley Park at the back-end of October as Everton, creating a mass of chances and missing the bulk of them, found themselves staring dazedly at an unbelievable defeat.
When he says "I loved her"-- meaning Isabel's innominate mother, we dazedly presume- she slaps his face again and again, screaming "Leave me alone
Even Toby's Feed Barn has a gallery, and saddle shop Cabaline greets the street, in classic Western fashion, with the life-size synthetic head of a horse emerging dazedly through the front wall.
One elderly woman party worker was apparently so deeply shocked that she dazedly began tidying her desk amid the horror.
Wandering dazedly through a department store, with his wife and daughter on his mind and the December 25 deadline breathing hot on his neck, a man may stumble into the Christmas crop of cashmeres and solve his problems in one fell swoop.
Delilah, still under the languorous spell of lovemaking, has lost her heart to her victim and looks toward him dazedly with a mixture of longing and resignation.
Hanna, Eszter, and I walk dazedly down the main street of a town we never planned to see.
And he did, dazedly squinting and then, slowly, focusing, tears frozen on his face.
Throughout the summer, White House honchos, Democratic National Committee jefes and Congressional leadership havies stared dazedly at memos and charts predicting their losses: thirty, forty, fifty, sixty seats in the House--forty will turn Gingrich into the Speaker--and enough in the Senate to place Bob Dole and the G.