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"There are a range of reasons why a driver might be dazzled, from a slight misalignment of a headlight, the difference in ride height of different vehicles and even individual people's vision.
Drivers also said that it can take them up to five seconds to see clearly again after being dazzled.
2 : to confuse, surprise, or delight by being or doing something special and unusual <The magician's tricks dazzled the audience.>
Aussie actress Nicole Kidman dazzled crowds this week with her natural beauty at the premiere of her new movie Moulin Rouge.
Millepied came off well, leading the autumnal bacchanal in the finale of The Four Seasons, in which Adam Hendrickson dazzled as Pan.
A laser beam sweeping the sky at the Millennium Wheel dazzled an airline pilot as he flew down the Thames on his approach to Heathrow airport.
A Texas species, Photinus concisus, dazzled Dan Otte of the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia in the 1970s.
Other young Americans, equally dazzled, became Mondrian's disciples; Smith, however, reinvented him, and thus invented himself.
In France, he dazzled the court of Charles VII with displays of knightly swordsmanship, as well as painting, and both the playing and making of musical instruments.
Harold Laski, the leftist British intellectual, knew Churchill, advised FDR, and dazzled Oliver Wendell Holmes.
Sir Peter, who co-created the sleeve design for The Beatles' album, Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, created the Everybody Razzle Dazzle patterns on the recently dazzled Mersey Ferry.
Around 3,900 road users a year are injured after being dazzled by the sun.