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Thus there was a strong secondary show-theme, expressed not only by a special exhibit of the original Gadsden Purchase treaty, but by case after case of dazzlements of "Gadsden" minerals, especially those of Bisbee.
Other dazzlements came from the duet singing of soprano Viktoria Vizin (La Marchesa Melibea) and tenor Michael Schade (Il Conte di Libenskof), the coloratura pyrotechnics of sopranos Ekaterina Morozova (La Contessa di Folleville) and Elena Voznessenskaia (Madame Cortese), and a number of arias featuring tenor Michael Colvin (Cavalier Belfiore), basses Alain Coulombe (Don Prudenzio) and Ayk Martirossian (Lord Sidney), and bass-baritone Patrick Carfizzi (Il Barone di Trombonok).
Even at five-thirty or so on a May afternoon, even through polarized lenses, there are horizontal shafts making you squint and ricocheting dazzlements that make you shade your eyes, and then there are glares that make you duck.