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STINK bombs, marble size chilly grenades, more potent tear gas shells, long range acoustic devices and laser dazzlers are some of the options that a high- level Ministry of Home Affairs ( MHA) team is considering as nonlethal riot control options for Jammu and Kashmir.
"A lot of my work is quite characterbased, whereas the Dazzler bus was little bit more contemporary." Sophie's studio partner Kristel Pil '" lkahn also designed a bus, called 'Spectrum', for the project.
Mm Dazzler should prove very difficult to beat, if transferring that Listowel form to this new discipline.
With the Banana Split, Mint Chip, or Rocky Road Dazzler, you can polish off 1,080 to 1,180 calories by the time you're a dozen stores past the eatery.
Earlier this year Dazzler, by the homebred Dunadd Dole, won reserve Charolais-sired steer titles at both Countryside Live and the Royal Highland Winter Fair.
According to reports, the new Deluxe variant of CB Unicorn Dazzler will be available by the end of November, 2011.
Hillhead Dazzler, a Palace bred entry and out of Hillhead Popstar, whose breeding has three RUAS breed champions included in it, Dazzler was knocked down to TB Moorhouse & Sons of Wark, Northumberland.
Meyers, which manufactures the Dazzlers. "It was more than what the customer was anticipating and a lot more than what we were thinking as well.
London, July 2 (ANI): Reports indicate that the Pentagon is developing a laser dazzler that will force drivers to stop without harming their eyes.
Which former England fast bowler was nicknamed 'Rhino' and 'Dazzler'?
He's never been a dazzler in the morning but he's definitely giving off the right vibes.
Fastlite (Chicago, IL) introduces new laser systems based on their "Dazzler," a widely used inline acousto-optic programmable dispersive filter known for its extreme compactness and pulse shaping accuracy.