de jure

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De Jure

[Latin, In law.] Legitimate; lawful, as a Matter of Law. Having complied with all the requirements imposed by law.

De jure is commonly paired with de facto, which means "in fact." In the course of ordinary events, the term de jure is superfluous. For example, in everyday discourse, when one speaks of a corporation or a government, the understood meaning is a de jure corporation or a de jure government.

A de jure corporation is one that has completely fulfilled the statutory formalities imposed by state corporation law in order to be granted corporate existence. In comparison, a de facto corporation is one that has acted in Good Faith and would be an ordinary corporation but for failure to comply with some technical requirements.

A de jure government is the legal, legitimate government of a state and is so recognized by other states. In contrast, a de facto government is in actual possession of authority and control of the state. For example, a government that has been overthrown and has moved to another state will attain de jure status if other nations refuse to accept the legitimacy of the revolutionary government.

De jure Segregation refers to intentional actions by the state to enforce racial segregation. The Jim Crow Laws of the southern states, which endured until the 1960s, are examples of de jure segregation. In contrast, de facto racial segregation, which occurred in other states, was accomplished by factors apart from conscious government activity.

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de jure

adj. Latin for lawful, as distinguished from de facto (actual). (See: de jure corporation)

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de jure

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DE JURE, by right. Vide De facto.

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The biggest problem of measuring de jure harmonisation is that the research term measures comparability with legislation and not real approaches companies use.
"If government purposely depressed the incomes of African Americans, with the result that they were priced out of mainstream housing markets, then these economic policies are also important part of the architecture of de jure segregation".
We use different de facto and de jure measures of capital account liberalization.
Contudo, a decada de 1860 marca um momento de inflexao neste entusiasmo por Grocio em razao de um fato bastante inusitado: a descoberta do De Jure Praedae Commentarius, obra que autor jamais publicou e que havia desaparecido.
The IMF and the OECD place high priority on de jure central bank independence; central bankers emphasize the importance of independence in the conduct of policy (Kohn 2009); references to the importance of independence in news accounts are extensive (Wall Street Journal 2012); and the inverse correlations between measures of central bank independence and inflation are widely accepted and are now becoming standard in textbooks.
Ellos creian que el Soviet Supremo poseia autoridad de jure, sin embargo se equivocaban--el mismo tenia una mera autoridad de facto.
Taylor examines the distinction between de jure and de facto independence and finds that history shows that de jure independence is not sufficient for effective economic performance and that a rule-based central bank policy provides the best outcomes.
Maryland, as one of 17 states that had de jure segregation, has an intense history of school segregation.
Second, others such as Pollard (1993) are less critical but nonetheless advise caution in interpreting the results because much of the literature focuses on de jure rather than de facto measures of independence; there are differences in the independence ranking of a few central banks, especially the Bank of Japan; and, like Posen (1998), there is a question as to the direction of causation implied by the correlations between central bank independence and inflation.
de jure imperii] and would be open to order the enforcement in the first of the two cases."