de minimus

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Under the conditions, all funds going out of the insurer are subject to review, even the de minimus amounts.
What we do is de minimus next to the real problems of the world.
He suggested a de minimus floating NAV, which "should not create tax consequences.
In the same ten month period, the DEC seized 21 kilograms of ephedrine and de minimus amounts of cocaine, heroin, and other drugs.
Union Bankshares Inc (NASDAQ: UNB), the USD546m Morrisville, Vermont-based parent of Union Bank, has said that its board has re-authorised a limited repurchase programme to authorise the repurchase of a de minimus number of shares of the company's common stock during each calendar quarter until the end of 2012.
additional scrutiny; these include depositor preference, de minimus
Furthermore, any personal use of the employee cellphone will now be regarded as a de minimus fringe benefit.
35) The court further ruled that this time was compensable because the time spent doing these activities was not de minimus.
Charlie, you talk about your role as a de minimus role.
1) Courts, spurred by a renewed interest in federalism, have begun scrutinizing federal criminal laws that regulate noncommercial intrastate behavior by means of de minimus jurisdictional elements--statutory provisions that purport to ensure legislation's constitutionality by limiting its applicability to conduct involving items that have previously traveled in interstate commerce.
Kotkin, however, generally favors a de minimus role for the state while exhibiting a touching faith in the ability of untrammeled business and real estate development to give people the communities they want.
Undue hardship in the context of religious reasonable accommodation means that it would involve more than a de minimus cost or hardship for the employer to provide the employee with the requested reasonable accommodation.