de minimus

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However, the court found that the time spent obtaining them was de minimus and, therefore, not compensable under the FLSA.
Kotkin, however, generally favors a de minimus role for the state while exhibiting a touching faith in the ability of untrammeled business and real estate development to give people the communities they want.
Undue hardship in the context of religious reasonable accommodation means that it would involve more than a de minimus cost or hardship for the employer to provide the employee with the requested reasonable accommodation.
There has been much lobbying over the changes but most of it was ignored by Parliament and the Finance Bill was largely enacted as announced, except the de minimus limit for the forestalling measures rose from pounds 20,000 per annum to pounds 30,000.
The bill would also raise the de minimus threshold for a loan to be considered a member business loan and exempt loans made to nonprofit religious organizations as well as in qualified underserved areas.
However, the particular issue of cases involving de minimus recoveries has given the courts pause, and many courts have refused to send a case to arbitration, or have stricken a class proceeding waiver, where the de minimus nature of the individual recoveries makes arbitration unfeasible.
The gift ban would apply to any "gratuity, favor, discounts, entertainment, hospitality, loan or other item having a monetary value of more than a de minimus amount, including transportation, lodging and meals.
A de minimus exception for specialty metals incorporated into commercially available electronic components.
EPA that this is a de minimus risk, the risk cannot be characterized as "zero.
949) In its opinion, the GAO noted that in order for a concessionaire contract to fall within the meaning of the CICA, the goods or services must be more than a de minimus value to the government.
Eliminate the 2 percent de minimus exception for corporations and insurance companies (raises $1.
Although lead is known to cause human health problems, the likelihood of exposure is considered de minimus when the lead is contained in unbroken CRT glass, (U.