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In the course of this work he is informed by the mother of a girl who disappeared many years before that her daughter may have been the first in a series of disappearances (and presumably murders) along a northern highway (serial murders apparently are becoming de rigeur among retired detectives as well).
He traded records and sex with his peers at Bennington (a wealthy college so class-ridden that LSD was de rigeur for freshmen and vieux jeu for seniors) for heroin and bar fights at underground music hangouts in Manhattan.
Jamie Spencer is reunited with David Simcock's improver whose previous form when runner-up to De Rigeur has been well advertised.
Checking into hot places or tweeting pictures of gourmet meals and holidays while everyone is stuck in the office has become de rigeur for busy twenty and thirty somethings and matching your smartphone case to your clothes is just the next step on the one-upmanship that social media inspires.
The de rigeur lead questions to fresh inductees arriving in jail are "What didja get popped for?" and "How'd ya get popped?" An inmate's status is then determined by the severity of the charge--and of course, these stories are often embellished.
They still manage to look as much in love as they did when ra-ra skirts were considered de rigeur.
The Revenants, undead protectors of the living, are a nice departure from recent vampire romance literature, retaining an air of mystery, difference, and power--and some dark melancholy--with more sense of free will and less de rigeur sensuality.
DRESSING down has become de rigeur among the professional classes of late, but it seems Liverpool's staunch traditionalists may be leading a sartorial fightback.
Kapitalist Amerikai." In those days the de rigeur outfit was open collared white shirt, Khaki shorts and sandals.
We featured painted timber beds last week and it seems period French romanticism is de rigeur in the dining room too.
Celebrity interviews in Icon are de rigeur, as are ads for superhomes, speedboats, country clubs and, naturally, fancy-dan motors.
Competition among schools has intensified, international curriculum and campuses are now de rigeur, and faculty recruitment and retention is more challenging.