de rigueur

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He was always towards the fore on the inner rail and was strongest through the closing strides of the two-and-a-quartermile stamina test, repelling De Rigueur and the 5-1 favourite Quick Jack.
The other four are players, especially DE RIGUEUR, who is fairly weighted.
Wing chairs were de rigueur in 18th-century gentlemen's clubs, and they resurfaced in mid-20th- century modern adaptations.
Depuis le debut du mois de juillet, la coalition du Premier ministre, Pedro Passos Coelho, est ebranlee par la demission de deux ministres cles sur fond de tensions concernant la politique de rigueur que le Portugal s'est engage a mettre en ?
MARCO Botti has been forced to rule the progressive De Rigueur out of Saturday's John Smith's Northumberland Plate at Newcastle due to injury.
Le ministere a denonce "la methode de manipulation, adoptee a maintes reprises par l'AMDH, dans la publication de ses rapports partiaux et eloignes de la verite et des principes de rigueur, d'impartialite et de responsabilite qui caracterisent toute action dans le domaine des droits de l'Homme".
Barely-there swimwear has been de rigueur with our continental cousins for decades, while Brit men have always opted for a more conservative cut.
That used to be de rigueur for certain Tories on a Friday night.
Unfazed by a recession and rampant inflation, image-conscious Venezuelans show no signs of cutting back on the facelifts, liposuction, and breast augmentation that have become de rigueur beauty treatments, reports Reuters (Nov.
It is evidently not de rigueur to apply the same approach to a posh French chef.
Respecting religious customs is de rigueur but had none of the management thought of putting a non-fasting team at the check-in so that customers could be serviced?