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Householders must ensure they have a nominated key holder who knows how to deactivate the alarm in case this happens while they are away.
The company said it will deactivate units 1-4 at the W.
A service technician would use a wireless PDA or similar device to contact the vehicle's chassis control module, log in and enter the vehicle VIN number, then access the service program, and deactivate the locks.
Not only does Google completely forbid any such transactions, but the company also has the ability to remotely deactivate Glass if they find a user in violation of these terms.
Vodafone, O2 and Meteor will be able to deactivate any handset that is stolen, thus preventing it being used on any of the networks.
In the September Cancer Cell, a research team headed by Reuven Agami of the Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amsterdam reports using RNAi to deactivate the cancer-causing mutant version of a gene known as Ras.
a leading provider of engineered antimicrobial solutions, today announced that its research efforts have demonstrated that ionic silver was found to effectively deactivate the human coronavirus strain 229E, a virus linked to SARS, during a laboratory study conducted by the University of Arizona.
For years, they've been able to insert genes and random mutations into fruit flies' chromosomes, but investigators haven't known how to deactivate a specific gene.
Under the Mandatory Biometrics Voter Registration Act, the Comelec is authorized to deactivate voters who fail to submit themselves for validation by the last day of registration for the May 2016 elections.
Under the Mandatory Biometrics Voter Registration Act, the Comelec is authorized to deactivate registration records of voters, who fail to submit for validation, on or before the last day of filing of application for registration for purposes of the May 2016 polls.
In parallel, Solvay Chemicals will permanently deactivate the mothballed capacity at the Deer Park site that was taken off line in 1999.
As we deactivate certain task forces, the responsibility in ensuring integrity in the whole process will now be on certain offices.