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"We tend to go out to deactivate alarms which have been going off for about four hours or more - depending on the time of day, and the amount of noise they are making.
"Based on our dialogue with Grab, in the presence of other TNCs (transport network companies) last May, they say they are trying to deactivate and they continue to deactivate as of this time," Delgra told reporters on Friday.
"They can also deactivate their cards by choosing language then pressing 1, 4 and 3 consecutively."
Grab has not responded to queries if it would continue to deactivate thousands of active transport network vehicle service units, as announced earlier.
In August last year, the KRA announced it would deactivate all PIN accounts that were yet to be registered on its iTax system.
Almost as an afterthought and without thinking of the consequences, Duysak went ahead and set the procedures in motion in order to deactivate the account, not believing that it actually would be Trump's official account, TechCrunch reported.
The work may lead to drugs that deactivate the uncontrolled cell division that leads to cancer.
In cases where multiple latches are used to secure an assembly, only one fastener carries an embedded chip and acts as the "master" to activate or deactivate the "drones." The master latch also can be used to run diagnostics [i.e., checking the stress on each fastener and its clamping load]; record temperature, moisture, and light levels; and communicate this information over the vehicle data bus to the driver or a technician.
28 Nature, two Australian scientists summarized recent research showing that the human Y chromosome gradually accumulates mutations that deactivate its few genes.
If you deactivate your account that means you are turning off access to your Evernote account.
In the September Cancer Cell, a research team headed by Reuven Agami of the Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amsterdam reports using RNAi to deactivate the cancer-causing mutant version of a gene known as Ras.--J.T.
were deeply disturbed by the latest attempts in the "Kosovo Assembly" to deactivate a Law on the Special Court for Crimes Against Humanity, War Crimes and Other Grievous Crimes committed in KiM 1998-2000.