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The post President deactivates Facebook over 'security reasons' appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
For residents who cannot participate in their community take-back event, Verde Technologies provides the Deterra Drug Deactivation System, a scientifically proven way to safely deactivate and dispose of prescription drugs at home.
Mahboob said: "Nol cardholders can now change or deactivate their identification codes through the automated answering service.
Does it have the ability to remotely deactivate it if it thinks the wrong person is using it?
That means a drugs that deactivates telomerase would likely work against all caners, with few side effects.
Tenants appreciate being able to activate and deactivate access cards in real-time over the Internet to reflect employee additions, terminations, and changes in privileges.
The OMNI works with the company's electronic article surveillance (EAS) system to verify portable tags, deactivate tags, and verify deactivation.
Thanks to a technique developed by a team of biologists in California, a light pulse can activate or deactivate selected genes in cells.
Keshavan speculated that the inability of delta sleep to deactivate the prefrontal cortex among schizophrenic patients might be related to the impairments in information processing that they experience during wakefulness.
The system remains locked out until both the driller and the crew member with the exit-side lockout device manually deactivate the Es
Officers were called out to deactivate 84 security systems in Birmingham in the past year.
T cells are the white blood cells that direct immune activity, and this treatment apparently trains other immune-system cells to deactivate myelin-sensitive T cells.