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He complains that the deactivated security personal sacrificed their lives in serving the country, thus stressing the need for government to ensure that they get their benefits.
Earlier today @realdonaldtrump's account was inadvertently deactivated due to human error by a Twitter employee.
These and the representation of losses associated with a motored deactivated cylinder are outlined, and the fuel economy benefits of deactivation investigated.
There were 1,181,139 voters who registered in the first nine (9) days of the registration period but there are still more than two (2) million whose registrations are still deactivated, Jimenez said.
Palec said there is no way to determine the number of deactivated voters.
The letter is to inform the people that they need to have their biometrics data taken in order to avoid being deactivated," he said.
A detective officer on the scene told Daily News Egypt that a citizen found an IED on the bus and informed policemen, who came to the scene shortly after and deactivated the bomb.
11, that explosive ordnance disposal team unit deactivated an improvised explosive device emplace next of a power tower west of Kut.
The regulator's directive comes in the wake of its recent observation that about 20 crore prepaid numbers have been deactivated that on the grounds of non-usage for a period of 90 days, and have average account balance of Rs.
If the airbag system were deactivated, a warning light would illuminate to alert the driver, according to documents filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
Lester also deactivated his Facebook account per Murray's instructions.
The international team gave fatty feed to two groups of mice -- one in which the GPR120 gene was deactivated and the other in which it was left active.