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With growing government involvement in registration and deactivation, human rights agencies have expressed concern that Syrian refugees will not continue receiving appropriate protection in Lebanon.
Deactivation of refugee status happens when someone registered as a refugee is removed from UNHCR's active registration lists.
UNHCR began registering Syrians as refugees at the end of 2011 in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey, and deactivation procedures began in 2012.
The first trigger for deactivation -- death -- is self evident, but the rest are slightly more complex.
Leaving Lebanon also meant risking potential deactivation. If registered refugees are found to be going back and forth into Syria, UNHCR brings them in for an interview to determine the nature of their visits.
The growing importance of holding UNHCR refugee status makes deactivation all the more significant.
If the bar code for a pack of gum is placed over the bar code for a more expensive product which has an RF security label, the deactivation will alert the store manager.