dead certainty

See: certitude
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Weller's statement relative to the accommodations of the establishment, and to back his entreaties with a variety of dismal conjectures regarding the state of the roads, the doubt of fresh horses being to be had at the next stage, the dead certainty of its raining all night, the equally mortal certainty of its clearing up in the morning, and other topics of inducement familiar to innkeepers.
Well, it was touching to see the queen blush and smile, and look embarrassed and happy, and fling fur- tive glances at Sir Launcelot that would have got him shot in Arkansas, to a dead certainty.
I will tell you what, my pleasant fellow,' rejoined Toby quickly, 'if you are going to pry into everything you meet with here that excites your curiosity, you will marvellously soon get knocked on the head; to a dead certainty you will come bang upon a party of these savages in the midst of your discovery-makings, and I doubt whether such an event would particularly delight you, just take my advice for once, and let us 'bout ship and steer in some other direction; besides, it's getting late and we ought to be mooring ourselves for the night.
All I can discern is, that it will, to a dead certainty, turn one way or the other on the day when she passes Noel Vanstone's doors in disguise.
Mesdames" (to the dowagers), "you will take cold to a dead certainty, if you stay in this chill gallery any longer.
Not that I really care what happens to me now that that woman knows I'm in the land of the living; she'll let it out, to a dead certainty, and at the best there'll be a hue and cry, which is the very thing I have escaped all these years.
It may be so with a simple peasant, but with one of our sort, an intelligent man cultivated on a certain side, it's a dead certainty.
IT IS a stone dead certainty the Bank of England will sit tight on interest rates at 0.
According to the Mirror, the Mercedes denied that successive wins did not mean a hat trick is a dead certainty and said that after every race the game resets and a racer gets a different reading next time.
Yesterday, none of the pollsters dared release any information about the voting before the polling stations closed at 6pm, even though an Anastasiades victory was a dead certainty.
The UK has an economy that can't recover for any length of time, credit rating downgrades are almost a dead certainty and worst of all there's a risk of a vicious downward spiral if investors lose confidence.
MANY BELIEVE THE LIKELIHOOD of a euro breakup is somewhere between a significant possibility and a dead certainty.