dead end

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Dead End in Norvelt, "an intriguing mix of memoir and fiction" (Walking Brain Cells) based, in part, on the author's own experience in a small town, should appeal to many YA readers.
Never clamp the dead end of the rope to the live end.
If I quit a Dead End, will it increase my ability to get through the Dip onto something more important?
Solitude is not a dead end nor is it an escape route.
Widespread wishful thinking notwithstanding, Froehle shows clearly how nostalgia about the good old days of our church is a dead end.
In contrast, many other researchers suspect that Neandertals hit an evolutionary dead end 30,000 years ago, succumbing to competition from Homo sapiens who arrived in western Europe 32,000 years ago.
just south of the dead end of San Fernando Road and was out in about an hour, Los Angeles County Fire Capt.
German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said: "Talks have reached a dead end.
At these rates, he projects that humanity will run into a technological dead end by mid-century.
Lauderdale, going from a six figure job to a series of dead end positions that she receives remittance for under the table.
If this is not done, we are facing a logistics dead end.