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This nice person rolled down his window to tell me it was a dead-end and everyone was turning around.
Viets turned her satiric observations to fiction, churning out the Dead-End Job series as well as a number of short stories.
Julia Dowd, director of young people's learning at the LSC, said, 'Young people in soaps are role models, and if they remain in dead-end jobs there is a danger that young people will accept this as the norm.
If they remain in dead-end jobs, young people will accept this as the norm.
Remember that waiting for the RFP is a dead-end strategy, and that the best way to win is to become the entity's sole or preferred provider, and that can only happen by engaging customers before they send out the RFP.
By the novel's end, the family's dead-end stories have spiraled into the face of an evil so pure and horrific that we, the readers, must confront how to stem the tide of our children's societal neglect, poverty and racism.
A ribald, but familiar take on the pickling predicaments of suburban life, pic unfolds through the eyes of Freddy (Jason Madera), who's stuck in a dead-end job and possibly a dead-end marriage as well.
That's a photograph in the villa's foyer of him in his familiar Duce cap, riding a bicycle up that dead-end road.
Meanwhile, those who refuse to look the other way face a dead-end in their careers
This issue's special report examines race in the recession, looking at the ways that disparities in job and educational access, discrimination, and the systematic shredding of welfare as a safety net have perpetuated cycles of dead-end jobs and poverty; Combined with the shortage of affordable housing and the incarceration industry, people of color now represent the majority of those living homeless in the U.
It also has a Minimalist ancestry, as it plays on Sol LeWitt's closed and open cubes (Martin's cube is a closed form, but its reflectiveness makes it in a sense open, to the world) and relates to Robert Morris's early mirrored sculptures with their simple geometry and dead-end Constructivism.
Secondly, we need to look at the whole issue of CNAs and how to enhance that profession, so that people can look at that not as a dead-end job, but as a chance to really serve people in an important capacity.