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P(t) can be directly calculated by counting the number of particles in the dead-end pores and the particles will not be tracked when they move out of immobile zones.
"North Korea should realize (missile and nuclear tests) bring upon itself deeper isolation and sanctions from the international community, and it is only drawing closer and closer to a dead-end," Lee said in a farewell address.
After experiencing a dead-end, financial app users rated the brand they had interacted with an average of two points lower on a scale of one to 10.
I repeat we have two schools; we are in a dead-end street.
I'm in another dead-end job where the staff are treated appallingly, but again it's a job, so the pattern's just repeating itself.
The car was followed into Ashlin Road, a dead-end road in Leyton.
She gives 17 clear signs of unsuitability and tells those searching for life partners how to spot the five types of dead-end lovers, including the hurting and needy, the bullies, the overly charming and manipulative, the self-absorbed, and the exotic and different who are only exotic and different.
Little did anyone know that it was a dead-end and everyone had to turn around and go back.
The former Post columnist recently published her seventh Dead-End Job Mystery, "Clubbed to Death," set in a South Florida country club.
He stars as Hank, an alcoholic who takes a series of dead-end jobs to keep him in drink while he pursues his dream of becoming a writer.
NEXT BOOK: Enough: The Phony Leaders, Dead-End Movements, and Culture of Failure That Are Undermining Black America--and What Can We Do About It by Juan Williams (Crown Publishers, August 2006, $25, ISBN 0-307-33823-5)
Faith Donovan is lady weighed down by emotional baggage--an unhappy childhood, host of poor choices in men leading to dead-end relationships, and two-failed marriages haunt her.