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What name is given to a device on musical instruments designed to deaden or muffle the sound?
A tape recording of an "unbearable" whistle produced by a bridge on the A48 near Cowbridge is to be sent to the Noise Abatement Society, and Glamorgan County Council, who received the first complaints about the noise five years ago, are to start experiments to try and deaden the noise.
It's like walking into a Disney set--the huge, festooned mats are so massive and so abundant that they deaden most noise.
Therefore the "prescriptive" " nature of Mr Gove's curriculum need not deaden vitality nor numb interest.
According to initial reports, the shop's alarm was triggered, but the robbers managed to deaden the sound using foam and a black bag.
Even if it's off the plate a little bit, you might be able to get in front of a changeup and deaden it on the grass.
Being hit by a car was painful, but at least I had morphine to deaden the pain and knowledgeable experts to guide my recovery.
Furthermore, she holds that the writers' workshops that have spread like kudzu through American elementary schools, promoted by Lucy Calkins of Teachers College, Columbia University, deaden children's creativity.