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9 pounds (as tested, with Sound Deadening System installed)
Such deadening occurs directly because people are motivated to view their life events in a relatively positive light.
US scientists found that, far from deadening the mind, extensive playing of video games can enliven it.
Feelings are outlawed in Libria, where a nation of drones exists on a daily dose of the deadening drug prozium.
It has the potential to transform women in very deep ways when experienced fully, without the deadening effects of anesthesia, lack of privacy, and misuse of medical technology.
Bauer spent the early years of his professional life in Malaysia and West Africa, where he saw both the entrepreneurial productivity of local farmers and the deadening effects of government policies.
When they are invited to speak in their own terms, you have argued, they utter difference, transgression, and excess as an alternative discourse to "the deadening sameness and totalizing systems of modernity.
There was nothing intrinsically wrong with Michelle--nor is there with the updated gym-bunny versions of him--but stereotypes per se are something I always instinctively shied away from, more because of their deadening nature than because of anything inherent in the specifics of the stereotype.
Gleason begins in the 1840s, noting that Thoreau's vision of self-cultivation as an escape from the deadening patterns of work and social life in antebellum America seemed to exclude the Irish immigrants then arriving in large numbers to serve as a labor force for an emerging industrial society.
For many, caught today in exhausting and insecure jobs and seeing few avenues of escape, the moral narrative does provide some comfort; however deadening one's circumstances, hard work sets off the middle and working classes from the worst elements of humanity.
The particular influence here is Emerson's concept of self-reliance, for "King unequivocally promotes political action by deploying Emerson's famous mandate for nonconformity to communicate King's own vision of the social crisis brought about by the deadening conformity of racism.
finds that some of the most severe and intractable symptoms of schizophrenia-such as a deadening sense of apathy and social withdrawal-appear in the youngsters displaying the smallest brains, as measured by a brain-scanning device.