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For proof, ere this thou feel'st Thy wound (yet not thy last and deadliest wound) By this repulse received, and hold'st in Hell No triumph; in all her gates Abaddon rues Thy bold attempt.
And when the dark-winged whirring grasshopper, perched on a green shoot, begins to sing of summer to men -- his food and drink is the dainty dew -- and all day long from dawn pours forth his voice in the deadliest heat, when Sirius scorches the flesh (then the beard grows upon the millet which men sow in summer), when the crude grapes which Dionysus gave to men -- a joy and a sorrow both -- begin to colour, in that season they fought and loud rose the clamour.
I know what life is before you, and if you was my bitterest and deadliest enemy, I could wish you nothing worse.
If you persist, I must regard you as my deadliest foe.
Why, when I started in, I had the dreariest, deadliest details imaginable.
Osborne dropped it with the bitterest, deadliest pang of balked affection and revenge.
You probably don't even know the name, Bunny," he began, "of the deadliest poison yet known to science.
She now underwent a violent twitch, calculated to produce a startling effect on the nerves of the uninitiated, and with the deadliest animosity observed:
Blues deadliest League in the last minutes P44,45 Alan Ball, Colin Harvey and Howard Kendall were christened the Holy Trinity such was their influence at Goodison between 1967 and 1971.
NSW records the highest fatality rate with 34 horses being killed within a one-year period, making it the deadliest state for thoroughbred.
America's Deadliest Twister: The Tri-State Tornado of 1925 is the true story of a nightmarish twister that wreaked havoc on southeast Missouri, southern Illinois, and southwestern Indiana, killing 695 people.
The group has killed scores of policemen and soldiers since the army overthrew president Mohamed Morsi last year, but the October 24 attack in which a jihadist rammed a military checkpoint in northern Sinai with an explosives-packed car was the deadliest such incident in years.