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2001) where the court noted at 899: "An officer is not constitutionally required to wait until he sets eyes upon the weapon before employing deadly force to protect himself against a fleeing suspect who turns and moves as though to draw a gun;" and the Court in Ryder v.
Fire authorities warned that deadly infernos awaited unless the brush was burned early in the year.
But if you think the Seven Deadly Sins went out with hairshirts, think again.
Deadly Choices is what I like to call a jewel in the crown of indigenous health, achieving some stunning results since it kicked off in South East Queensland four years ago, the Minister said.
The Seven Deadly Sins: Seven Scars They Left Behind is an anthology of short text stories that serve as a prequel to the fantasy manga and anime series "The Seven Deadly Sins".
In most states a defender may not resort to deadly force based on a feeling or thought.
DEADLY HAUL A forensics expert examines the mortars in Derry yesterday
Rather, the authors intend to reflect their discussions with thousands of police officers throughout the country over the past 30 years while teaching, conducting research, and engaging in consultations on various cases regarding the use of force--to include deadly force--in law enforcement.
CHILDREN are being given the opportunity to come face-to-face with some deadly creepy-crawlies.
issues, facts and fallacies--the realities of the law enforcement's use of deadly force, 2d ed.
Most people believe the Taser to be a device that avoids inflicting deadly force.
A Portrait of Deadly Excess" follows private investigator Van Hazard as he finds his newest case of a chain of mysterious deaths.