deadly device

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Louise lives on Granby Row, where mass murderer Salman Abedi constructed his deadly device.
Security chiefs believe the deadly device detonated by Abedi was built by other IS fanatics in a city centre flat available online for PS75 a night.
The former bouncer, 29, constructed the deadly device, filled with shrapnel and adapted Christmas tree lights, for an attack on a Birmingham rail line.
On Sunday, the deadly device, which is fitted with a clock, will automatically unleash the red mercury in Salem.
"These wheels are fun, but may turn into a deadly device if not used in a proper way, at a safe place, with due skills and enough training, and sometimes under the supervision and assistance of an adult."
Patrick Magee, who planted the deadly device, was handed eight life sentences at the Old Bailey in 1986, with a recommendation he serve a minimum of 35 years.
A line of yellow painted stones higher up the mountain mark where explosives have been found, while nearby a de-miner scrapes the ground and finds another deadly device during a visit by AFP.
Steven Palmer, 29, from Tynemouth, was on a routine patrol in Afghanistan's war-torn Helmand Province when the deadly device exploded and changed his life forever.
"I appeal to the community for information about the people who left this deadly device in the heart of our city."
Hundreds of motorists drove past the deadly device unaware of the danger after traffic cones and warning signs had been removed by others on the road.
Speaking yesterday morning, Home Secretary Theresa May said that the terrorists would not have known exactly where the deadly device was to strike.
Speaking yesterday morning, home secretary Theresa May the terrorists would not have known exactly where the deadly device was to strike.