deadly devices

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THE Lord Mayor of Leeds led the silent tribute in the city where three of four London bombers lived and made their deadly devices, saying: "They did not represent this city 10 years ago and they do not represent it now.
Unfortunately, it is becoming clear that the reporting system for faulty and deadly devices is broken," Fitzpatrick said in the Congressional Record.
The senior figure was asked if Pakistani military unit commanders -- once given emergency authority to detonate nuclear weapons -- might set off the deadly devices rather than allow potentially dominant Indian troops to overrun and steal them.
A senior detective said the dissident republican explosives manufacturer is based in the Republic and is "experienced and competent" in constructing the deadly devices.
How can such deadly devices be effectively restricted from rogue governments and terrorists?
The 28-year-old prince will tour war-torn Angola's minefields where deadly devices remain buried after years of conflict, the Daily Star reported.
He was a member of Explosive Device Disposal Team 5 - known as The Famous Five for their record of dismantling deadly devices.
Countermeasures used to protect against these deadly devices include up-armored vehicles, detection equipment, and improved tactics, techniques and procedures.
Just six days later Lt Onion, from Derby, was again forced to react with speed and compassion when another IED was detonated during a patrol through a village seeded with the deadly devices.
The C-IED Task Force are the only ones trained to seek out and dispose of the deadly devices.
Fifty people have been killed by the deadly devices since August 2006, while at least 325 have been wounded.
His most notable act of bravery occurred in October 2009, shortly after he arrived in Helmand, when his team was involved in an operation searching a main route in the Kajaki region, littered with numerous deadly devices.