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If these cuts go ahead there will simply not be enough teachers of the deaf to be able to provide this support.
35) The HH's embrace of the latter technique, popular with oralist programs across the country, indicate that the home's shapers aimed to introduce popular pedagogy for the deaf to their own ethnically defined clientele.
Students are recruited from local school districts to the California State School for the Deaf to SELPA (Special Education Local Planning Agency) Directors from rural northern California such as Redding, Shasta and the Yosemite area.
How are the deaf to live in a world in which the overwhelming majority of those around them hear and speak?
This population also benefited from the 1978 Amendments to the Rehabilitation Act, which established a program of independent living services, thereby providing an opportunity for traditionally underserved persons who are deaf to receive needed assistance to supplement traditional rehabilitation services.
Melanie Norton's article discusses some of the methods used in teaching students at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf to use the library effectively and suggests ways that librarians in mainstreamed institutions of higher education can apply these techniques.
But we really didn't know how these kids grew up," Geers told SCIENCE NEWS, because many had left special programs for the deaf to be "mainstreamed" into public education.
It is clear that Paulmier wanted professionals involved with educating the deaf to settle on one effective method that would most help deaf children acquire knowledge.
Beatrice becomes deaf to escape her fiancee's vicious tongue.
Working with community organizations, they co-sponsor programs ranging from screening for hearing loss to inviting students from schools for the deaf to celebrate Deaf Heritage Week with performances of jazz, dance, sign language, and mime.