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He further questioned the deafening silence of the government on transgressions by both Pakistan and China, and said that it needs to answer these questions.
Yet this election has been defined by a deafening silence from over 60% of Britain.
The deafening silence on this subject from Opposition councillors amazes me
Ella is currently working on two new plays, A Deafening Silence with the Liverpool Playhouse and Made in Britain with theatre company Paines Plough.
NEWCASTLE boss Alan Pardew is confident of keeping star striker Demba Ba - because there has been a deafening silence in the so-called clamour to sign him.
We especially call on the Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, to declare the position of his government on this issue and come before the European Parliament to explain his deafening silence on this issue," he added.
Liverpool needs a modern, vibrant Royal Court, not least because there is still a deafening silence over a potential end user for the recently renovated Epstein Theatre, formally of course the Neptune.
If we should stop blaming Bishops, pray tell, who then is responsible for the deafening silence in the pulpit-forum regarding Church teaching about Culture Of Life and Family.
The deafening silence of most African leaders as Muammar Al Gathafi swore to rain hell on the Libyan rebels, was criminal.
Even worse is the deafening silence of our own politicians and the apparent attempts to justify this action by our national press.
A deafening silence when his name is called out would be far more fitting for someone supposed to love his home-town club.
His ultimate solution quiets the library sounds down to a deafening silence, and empties the library of adults and children in the process.