deal to

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I could not say why "Harold the Dauntless" most took my fancy; the fine, strongly flowing rhythm of the verse had a good deal to do with it, I believe.
His idea was to practise at the Bar (he chose the Chancery side as less brutal), and get a seat for some pleasant constituency as soon as the various promises made him were carried out; meanwhile he went a great deal to the opera, and made acquaintance with a small number of charming people who admired the things that he admired.
Don't become married to the deal: Too often, buyers find warts on a seller's business that should spur them to run the other way, but because of the ongoing pressure to do deals, they can become too attached to a bad deal to let go.
A WELL-RESEARCHED FAIRNESS opinion can be valuable to corporate managers and investors because it may prevent a bad deal from going through or force the price of a deal to be renegotiated.
And since USEC inherited the government's long-term contracts with nearly all American and over one-third of the world's power plants, it would be difficult for the Russian deal to be implemented unless USEC were charged with carrying it out.
Even when dealing with the most senior persons in an organization, understanding their needs and structuring the deal to meet those needs while achieving your own objectives will make closing the transaction easier.
Senior management must anticipate investor demands long before announcing a deal to the market.
The three-year earnout provision enabled the deal to close.