dealing death

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With one swing of his mighty longsword he laid a dozen corpses at his feet, and so he hewed a pathway before him until in another moment he stood upon the platform beside me, dealing death and destruction right and left.
But the automatic pistol in his belt with its rattling, quick- dealing death, and the automatic, death-defying spirit in the man himself, made them refrain and buckle down to the task of hauling him to safety through the storm.
He who came at Umslopogaas drove at him with his spear, but he was not to be caught this, for he bent his middle sideways, so that the spear only cut his skin, and as he bent tapped with the point of the axe at the head of the smiter, dealing death on him.
In response, O'Rourke in 2011 co-authored with Susie Byrd, his former colleague on the El Paso City Council, Dealing Death and Drugs, a book about marijuana prohibition and its outcomes.
Believe that your religion is the one true religion, believe that you will be rewarded with an eternity of unimaginable delights by dealing death to these infidels - and cutting off their heads is scarcely more than a matter of being asked to do it.
For the "natural right" that was most clamorously invoked during the half century of revolution that began in 1776 was not the millennial privilege of dealing death to one's enemies, but of course the right to "private property" Property, not self-defense, was the central token of natural rights theory after Grotius, the quintessential object of philosophizing and fighting alike in this epoch.
As the two foes battle it out to see who is best at dealing death, a sub-plot keeps the tension on a knife edge.
As the two foes battle it out to see who is best at dealing death, there is a sub-plot at work which keeps the tension on a knife edge.
Shells from the huge guns tore into the town, the gasometer blew up spectacularly and the Evening Gazette reported that, "shells were bursting everywhere, wrecking homes and dealing death and destruction".
Old-fashioned war had been waged in the material world, with the intent of dealing death and destruction.
Games with graphic illustrations of evil Japanese dealing death and destruction on Pearl Harbor featured planes that flew, swivel guns that shot, turret guns that turned, firing artillery, exploding bombs--all with realistic sound effects.
Senior officers today renewed their calls to communities to back their efforts and report those dealing death on their doorstep.