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DEAN, eccl. law. An ecclesiastical officer, who derives his name from the fact that he presides over ten canons, or, prebondaries, at least. There are several kinds of deans, namely: 1. Deans of chapters. 2. Deans of peculiars. 3. Rural deans. 4. Deans in the colleges. 5. Honorary deans. 6. Deans of provinces.

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Qualms about Dean among progressives in his home state are a reflection of the fact that during more than a decade as Vermont's chief executive, he rarely governed from the left.
I applaud Howard Dean for having the most progressive stance on gay rights of all the Democratic field at this stage.
Dean presents intriguing evidence that wealth was by the 1600s a significant criterion of eliteness: in the jostling over ceremonial privileges, relatively poor but aristocratic Inkas lodged complaints against Inkas of lesser rank but more money (108-109).
However, the new results suggest that this dental sequence occurred more rapidly than in modern people, Dean holds.
In tracing the origin of the office of academic dean the first year in which the office appeared in each institution is considered as the date of establishment although the office may not have been in continuous existence since that date.
Dean complains that no level of logging would be acceptable to activists, and that's true for some groups that want to see California's remaining redwoods protected.
When Dean was nine years old, she developed ovarian cancer and died suddenly.
While Dean says Marriott does not break down those numbers according to ethnic group, it's an impressive ratio in a city that is 40% black.
All of which gives Deans the chance to play detective.
Dean Raymond said one thing Canadian Anglicans could learn from the Armenians is how to keep their culture and traditions alive.
Democracy for America (DFA), a network of 650 volunteer groups in forty-nine states, grew out of the Dean Presidential campaign.