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Also, do not misunderstand the fact that I have taken this room, my dearest. Convenience and nothing else, has made me do so.
Because ye were always my dearest, my possession and my possessedness: ON THAT ACCOUNT had ye to die young, and far too early!
Slew ye not my youth's visions and dearest marvels!
But I want you, as a final item of man-talk, to remember, from time to time, that I love you, and that it will be the dearest day of my life when you consent to marry me.
"Do not mistrust me, dearest," said her husband, smiling; "its virtuous potency is yet greater than its harmful one.
"Save on your account, my dearest Aylmer," observed his wife, "I might wish to put off this birthmark of mortality by relinquishing mortality itself in preference to any other mode.
But, my dearest Jane, you cannot seriously imagine that because Miss Bingley tells you her brother greatly admires Miss Darcy, he is in the smallest degree less sensible of YOUR merit than when he took leave of you on Tuesday, or that it will be in her power to persuade him that, instead of being in love with you, he is very much in love with her friend."
But, my dearest Catherine, have you settled what to wear on your head tonight?
The joys, anxieties and dilemmas of fathering, and being fathered, were captured excellently by Richard Edmonds' Daddy Dearest, which was presented as part of the Stratford Poetry Festival and excellently performed by actors Michael Maloney, Joanna David and Robert Powell.
He revealed that it was his ''dearest wish'' as a father to see his daughter Sarah Ferguson, 40 today, reunited with her former husband, from whom she was divorced in 1996.
25 with a low-key gathering at home, with the people dearest to her.
DEAREST Among the dearest are Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (pounds 3.50 for one hour) and Ashford and St Peter's Hospitals (pounds 2 for one hour).