dearth of ideas

See: platitude
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He also said that when an author re-visits an old book, it could sometimes mean that he or she has a dearth of ideas, and as an author, there should never be any shortage of ideas.
There were umpteen unforced handling errors, a dearth of ideas in attack on both sides, and enough aimless kicking to make the eye-lids droop.
Atlas International Engineering Consultants, who was part of the panel for an essay competition held as part of the conference, said there was no dearth of ideas among the youth.
Unfortunately, the dearth of ideas in the Birmingham band's repertoire was there for all to see from the off.
Yet there is no disguising the dearth of ideas from a Tory who offers austerity, austerity, then extra austerity.
They proved that there is no dearth of ideas, original thinking, talent or urge to excel in the Arab and Muslim world.
One can hardly fault such writing for a dearth of ideas but those ideas lose force in their jostling profusion, especially when conjoined by verbs that may initially seem definite and assertive but whose meaning turns consistently nebulous in particular sentences.
There was no dearth of ideas and topics, participants argued, that existing textbooks neglected, and that should receive more attention two decades from now.
Apart from The Verge, iDigital Times, Apple Insider have all lamented the dearth of ideas in creating the new ad.
We favor student-created programs and performances, but when there seems to be a dearth of ideas, a book of ideas like this can stimulate creativity in the minds of the teen planners.
We encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship in the country and the response to Season 1 of the Pitch goes to prove that there is no dearth of ideas in the country.
Like five disparate souls meeting for the first time, there was no cohesion, no band dynamic and ultimately a dearth of ideas.