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Spirituality and religiousity: Relative relationships to death anxiety.
In addition, it was hypothesized that death anxiety and gender, alone or in combination, would be the best predictors of involvement in high-risk recreation.
Yalom (1980) cites various empirical studies which allude to the central role of death anxiety in severe obsessional illness, hyperventilation syndrome, hypochondriasis, and depersonalization syndrome.
Death anxiety among Chinese elderly people in Hong Kong.
B for example); anxiety related to the fact of one's existence ("inability to live"); anxiety expressing lack of safety and physical protection; anxiety as an expression of unconnectedness and isolation; anxiety related to doubt and inability to make choices; anxiety as expression of sense of meaninglessness; and death anxiety.
Clients may exhibit prolonged grief, including feelings of despair, anger and hostility, social isolation, loss of control, depersonalization, and death anxiety.
Taking part in the psycho-narrative through belief and sharing of the story with others can result in comfort, hope, or a lowering of the individual's death anxiety.
psychotherapy for anxiety, depression, guilt, anger, hostility, frustration, isolation, and a diminished sense of self-esteem; visualization for health improvement; and, dealing with death anxiety and other related issues.
Christian prayer has shown documented health benefits, greater life satisfaction, less death anxiety, and lower rates of alcohol disorder.
The inability of Christ's model life on earth and his teachings to calm the world has at least four basic sources: a failure to appreciate the fundamental problems inherent in human nature; a related failure to recognize the pervasive impact of the three forms of death anxiety on human thinking and behavior; the advent of inexplicable natural catastrophes that harm seemingly innocent people and the related failure of God to answer the prayers of seemingly deserving souls in need of help; and gaps and limitations in Christ's teachings.
But sometimes, this fear -- or death anxiety -- vanishes.