death by accident

See: fatality
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It could easily be left to represent itself as a death by accident.
A second lynx, called Lilly, was strangled to death by accident as she was removed from her enclosure.
A Civil Guard spokesman said: "All the evidence we have gathered so far indicates the dead man fell to his death by accident as he leaned out of a window to be sick.
Family members told TMZ that authorities "told them the change was made in part because some of the bruises on Wood's body were inconsistent with death by accident.
Plans cover natural death, as well as death by accident, permanent total or partial disablement due to an accident, death due to an accident in common carriers and a cash benefit on hospitalization in addition to a lump sum benefit on hospitalization exclusively for Emirates Islamic Bank's customers.
Coroner Dr Paul Knapman recorded a verdict of death by accident.
Coroner David Mitford recorded a verdict of death by accident.
In Diana - Death by Accident or Design, Harrods boss Mohamed Al Fayed claims Prince Philip arranged their deaths.
Birmingham coroner Dr Richard Whittington recorded a verdict of death by accident and praised the rescue attempts of the four police officers, who are all based at Stechford.
This lends the poem an elegiac air: the thirty-eighth stanza, for example, continues Olivier's meditation on the choice between an early death by accident or a slow one due to debility: "Accident est toujours sus bout, / Tout prest a cheval et arme / Pour tuer et affoler tout / Et Debile tient l'autre bout, / Cruelx, sans mercy ne pite.
Days later it was confirmed that another lynx, Nilly, was strangled to death by accident when zookeepers attempted to move her out of her enclosure.
His lawyer has asked for his acquittal on the basis Kelly Anne tripped and fell to her death by accident from the couple's fourth-floor balcony at the Melia Don Pepe Hotel in Marbella.