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Bolani also acknowledged the difficulties still laying ahead saying, "challenges remain, of course, as we continue to combat militia infiltration and the death rattle of the insurgents, but momentum is on our side.
The medical-surgical nurse in the inpatient setting may note this noise, known commonly as the death rattle, when caring for a patient near death.
Yet, by the time you have begun to read it, I will be back at my desk, listening to the Office Soundtrack of clinking coffee mugs, keyboard death rattle and phone chatter.
No one benefits by dividing things into halves and thirds, or fourths, after the death rattle.
DALLAS -- The key point in preventing the death rattle that's so distressing to the family of a dying patient is to avoid the natural inclination to perform suctioning, Dr.
Pera writes, "could turn out to be the death rattle of a continent that no longer understands what principles to believe.
In reality, this is the death rattle of the voices that were heard when President Bush first took office, because the wall between church and state is still standing.
This, too, is reasonable in cases where new cost structures may be the only way to save a company like Winn-Dixie, a one-time giant whose recent cost-cutting measures may be no more than a death rattle.
Don't be fooled by the seemingly worldwide interest in such attractions as Celtic music and dance: This "new-baked Celticism" is "a marketing device" that signifies nothing so much as "the community's death rattle.
Steve said: 'That was her death rattle, a fitting epitaph.
Their music is an eerie death rattle that climaxes with the pained screams of a man being boiled in oil At other times they sound like a marching band filtered through your worst hangover--a post-drinking experience that causes sound to warp away from your ears the faster it comes at you