death warrant

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Death Warrant

An order from the executive, the governor of a state, or the president directing the warden of a prison or a sheriff or other appropriate officer to carry into execution a sentence of death; an order commanding that a named person be put to death in a specified manner at a specific time.


Capital Punishment.

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death warrant

the official authorization for carrying out a sentence of death.
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Years later, after digging through Soviet archives, investigators did just that, using the December 1941 death warrant against Gitta Kaplan and her 6-year-old daughter Frumaas as proof that Lileikis should be deported.
Pending the outcome of the habeas corpus brief filed for the defense of Mumia Abu-Jamal, the third, and irrevocable, death warrant will be forthcoming or a new trial granted.
On June 2, 1995, a month after Abu-Jamal's book was published, Pennsylvania Governor Thomas Ridge, a prodeath-penalty Republican, signed a death warrant ordering Jamal's execution at eight p.m.
The top court will hear an appeal for the suspension of schizophrenia patient Khizar Hayat's death sentence on Monday after a sessions court issued his death warrant and the execution is scheduled for Tuesday.
A search or arrest warrant can be served to drug suspects but not a 'death warrant,' Senator Francis 'Chiz' Escudero said on Monday.
YAKUB Memon on Wednesday stoically resigned to fate soon after learning that the Supreme Court bench had upheld his death warrant. Later, he
KARACHI: The Macch jail authorities have sought a death warrant for a convict whose hanging was deferred after his controversial video was leaked on national television, showing him accusing his party leaders of ordering the murder he committed.
On a similarly cold December day in 1921 another Michael - the "Big Fellow" Michael Collins - found himself in a position where he had no other option but to sign a document which he rightly claimed might be his "actual death warrant".
If you don't get help or do something about your weight, you could be signing your own death warrant.
Abdul-Mahdi has said he would sign Saddam's death warrant, meaning two of three signatures were assured.
That's not a case for a casino, it's a death warrant.