death warrant

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Death Warrant

An order from the executive, the governor of a state, or the president directing the warden of a prison or a sheriff or other appropriate officer to carry into execution a sentence of death; an order commanding that a named person be put to death in a specified manner at a specific time.


Capital Punishment.

death warrant

the official authorization for carrying out a sentence of death.
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AEEU boss Ken Jackson warned him: "If you've signed the death warrant for 250,000 jobs expect a frosty reception when you address the TUC next week.
On October 20, 20015 the district and session Judge Sargodha had issued his death warrant after all mercy appeals were rejected.
In our considered opinion, to grant him further time to challenge the rejection of the second mercy petition for which we have to stay the execution of the death warrant dated April 30 would be nothing but travesty of justice.
Meanwhile, the Supreme Court will also hear Memon's plea on Monday challenging the death warrant issued by a TADA court in Mumbai even though he had not availed of all the legal options available to him.
Did the "Small Fellow" ponder he might be signing the Labour Party's death warrant when he put pen to paper last Sunday?
Ghaziabad: In a fresh development in Nithari serial murder cases, Ghaziabad sessions court has issued death warrant against Surinder Koli in connection with the brutal killing of 14-year-old Rimpa Halder.
It's the size of Wales and it's been able to absorb them very easily and give them full rights; I would hope the British Government will move fairly quickly to give at least that group of people the opportunity to settle in the United Kingdom because living in Camp Liberty is really a death warrant at the moment because it's attacked with missiles so frequently and not protected either by the Iraqi Government or in any way by the United Nations.
THAT Puppet Game Show fails to change the record, writing its own death warrant.
27 ( ANI ): Chandigarh Additional District and Sessions Judge Shalini Nagpal on Tuesday ordered the hanging of Balwant Singh Rajoana, the assassin of former Punjab Chief Minister Beant Singh, on March 31, and also issued contempt of court notices to the jail superintendent and other jail officials of the Patiala jail for forwarding Rajoana's death warrant to her court, saying the jail could not carry out Rajoana's execution because the case was weak legally.
If you don't get help or do something about your weight, you could be signing your own death warrant.
Sarah Brown: Cromwell clanger In an extract printed in the Daily Mail, she wrote: "There is a collective gasp, and I suddenly realise that this might not have been the most diplomatically sensitive gesture - showing the face of the signatory of King Charles I's death warrant to a member of the Royal Family.
The death warrant was one of about 50,000 Justice Department trial documents donated yesterday to the U.