death warrant

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Death Warrant

An order from the executive, the governor of a state, or the president directing the warden of a prison or a sheriff or other appropriate officer to carry into execution a sentence of death; an order commanding that a named person be put to death in a specified manner at a specific time.


Capital Punishment.

death warrant

the official authorization for carrying out a sentence of death.
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Even though the October 13 signing of a death warrant on Mumia Abu- Jamal means that Pennsylvania's Governor Thomas Ridge has now signed 176 death warrants in four years-which is to say five times the number signed by two previous governors over a twenty-five-year period-
TIMING OFWARRANT LAWYER: TADA court issued death warrant on April 30 when the curative petition was pending and the convict should have been allowed to exhaust all legal options like curative petition.
KARACHI: The Macch jail authorities have sought a death warrant for a convict whose hanging was deferred after his controversial video was leaked on national television, showing him accusing his party leaders of ordering the murder he committed.
Did the "Small Fellow" ponder he might be signing the Labour Party's death warrant when he put pen to paper last Sunday?
If you don't get help or do something about your weight, you could be signing your own death warrant.
Abdul-Mahdi has said he would sign Saddam's death warrant, meaning two of three signatures were assured.
That's not a case for a casino, it's a death warrant.
This has been a global death warrant for millions of people at risk from malaria and other tropical diseases, since it, in effect, outlaws DDT and other pesticides that have proven to be safe and effective in eradicating or controlling the vectors that transmit these diseases.
Gary Megson had to go, and I don't quite understand what he was trying to achieve by saying he would have quit next summer come what may - other than to sign his own death warrant.
Many people must know of somebody who "came out of the closet," embraced a homosexual lifestyle, and thereby sealed his own death warrant.
Appearing at Westminster in his role as United Nations Messenger For Peace he told MPs that plans by the United States to develop a new national missile defence system threatened three non-proliferation treaties and 'could be a death warrant for the entire planet'.